Saving the planet one parking lot at a time!
Our lighting controller replaces and eliminates timers and photocells.

gsa-contract-holder-logoWireless Telematics is proud to announce that we were recently awarded a GSA Schedule contract. We are now on the GSA Schedule (GS-21F-026DA) and are excited to be able to provide our Lighting Control and Monitoring Service to the federal government.

With an increased emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability, the federal government can see immediate benefits from replacing their old timers and photocells with our simple and reliable Lighting Controller. Not only will there be a reduction in carbon emissions and energy usage, but the savings for the taxpayer will be substantial as well. “This is a win-win situation” says Wireless Telematics President Greg Kimmel. “The Federal government saves energy and reduces their carbon footprint, and the taxpayers save money!”

For more information on the Wireless Telematics Lighting Controller please contact us at 1-855-498-5267 x1 and