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Our lighting controller replaces and eliminates timers and photocells.

Wi-Fi is great…until it isn’t.  For the last two weeks I have not been a big fan of Wi-Fi.  My home Wi-Fi router from the cable company died and I had to replace it.  I could have waited three days for their tech to come out and replace it but with several power users (my kids) in my home I knew that if I wanted to keep family harmony I would need to tackle the Wi-Fi beast on my own.  Six hours later and several hour-long troubleshooting calls with the cable company and the router maker I was finally able to get the Wi-Fi going in my home.  I give it about three weeks before something happens and I hear those dreaded words “Dad, the Wi-Fi is down.”


I have also been on two flights recently where the Wi-Fi was down.  So instead of watching a movie on this four-hour flight I am writing this post on my unconnected laptop.

What is my point?  We occasionally get asked at Wireless Telematics if our clients can use their Wi-Fi to connect to our controllers instead of the cell modules we use.  The short answer is no.  And there are three big reasons for that:

  1. First and foremost is Data Security. In the past couple years there have been several huge data breaches that occurred when hackers got into a company’s servers through Wi-Fi.  One breach was through an HVAC unit at Target and another was through a lighting control system at Home Depot.  With our closed loop cell module system there is no way hackers can access your sensitive data.  Your data is safe with our controllers because we are not connected to your network.
  2. Reliability. How often have you heard that the Wi-Fi is down?  If you are the IT person in your home you know how frustrating that can be.  And although no Wi-Fi at home is annoying, it can be devastating at your workplace.  If you have a lighting control system that relies on Wi-Fi then you are in constant danger of having dark parking lots, slip and fall lawsuits, and angry tenants and customers just because the Wi-Fi went down or the router needs to be replaced or rebooted.
  3. Expense. Running Cat-5 or Cat-6 cable or getting a reliable W-Fi signal to your lighting control system can be a major hassle.  It might entail hours of running cables, installing Wi-Fi extenders (another potential point of failure), and configuring new Wi-Fi equipment.  Electricians are not cheap.  When you install our controller all they do is wire it to the lights and turn it on.  It instantly connects to the internet via the cell module inside.    Simple. No hassles.


So if you want a lighting control system for your outdoor lights that is simple and reliable you have found it:  Wireless Telematics Lighting Controllers.  Call us at 855-498-5267 x1 and start saving time, money, and hassles.