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Saving the planet one parking lot at a time!
Our lighting controller replaces and eliminates timers and photocells.



Control your billboards with the accurate, precise and reliable LCMS and replace obsolete timers and photocells. With flexible scheduling, the LCMS web-based solution is ideal for controlling one to a thousand locations from one site. The nightly “run-time” downloads provide a historical and audit record to prove your billboard was lit and functional.

You can remotely and reliably turn off your board to comply with dark sky requirements and re-light the board for the morning drive.

The LCMS, with two functioning and independent channels can control two electrical circuits on different schedules independent of each other and with our on-board relays directly wires into and controls exisiting 440 V circuits.

The eCHO website allows you to manage and control your applications remotely:

  • Directly configure and control your fields from your web connected device
  • Manage your schedules from a web-enabled smart phone
  • Configure runtime downloads
  • Create and view historical reports
  • Receive power outage notifications by text, email

Decrease your energy cost, improve your profit and learn more about the LCMS.