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Our lighting controller replaces and eliminates timers and photocells.

Apartment Buildings

Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings often have several important lighting requirements including security lighting, outdoor building lighting, and landscape lighting. You can control all of the lights with the Wireless Telematics Lighting Controller and Monitoring Service (LCMS) and save time, money and energy.

What we do:

  • Analyze your specific situation to see if we can help you.
  • Replace existing timers or photocells with our WT Lighting Controller.
  • Set your lighting schedule for you to best fit your needs.
  • Set up an online account for you to access the WT Lighting Controller from any internet capable device.
  • We will be available if you ever need help accessing your Controller online, setting your schedule or to answer any questions you have.
  • We are even happy to change your lighting schedule for you, free of charge.

The Results:

  • Reliable and accurate control of all of your outdoor lighting.
  • Lower energy bill, lower labor costs, and lower bulb and ballast replacement costs.
  • Notification of power outages via text or email.
  • Piece of mind knowing the lights will turn on and off at the right times.

Actual Client Experience:

One of our longtime clients uses the “two channel” capability of the WT LCMS to save money and ensure the accuracy of the security lighting of his apartment building. He has all of the exterior lighting hooked up to Channel 1 of the LCMS which allows him to automatically turn his outdoor lights on and off at the correct times every day. He uses Channel 2 of the LCMS to turn the recirculation pump on the apartment building’s hot water heater on and off at the appropriate times. As a result, he saves electricity by not running the recirculation pump 24 hours per day and saves gas because the hot water heater is no longer required to heat the water that was being pumped by the recirculation pump all day.