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Our lighting controller replaces and eliminates timers and photocells.

Why the LCMS is better than Timers

LCMS vs. Timers

  • Timers are only right the day you set them
  • Every day the sunrise and sunset times are changing but your timer is stuck with the old settings
  • Our LCMS (Lighting Control and Monitoring Service) automatically adjusts everyday to the new sunrise/sunset times
  • With timers, you have to send someone to manually adjust them for daylight savings time changes.
  • Our LCMS automatically adjusts for daylight savings time changes
  • If the power goes out, you have to send someone to reset the timer
  • Our LCMS automatically adjusts itself to the correct time and schedule after a power outage
  • With timers, you may not have any idea that the power went out
  • Our LCMS sends you a power out notification via text and email
  • If someone fails to reset the timer, you could have a dark parking lot and get sued
  • Our LCMS reduces liability risk because it automatically adjusts to your schedule
  • With timers, if you want to change your lighting schedule you have to send someone to do it (how much does that cost?)
  • With our LCMS, you can adjust your schedule over the internet or we can do it for you for free!
  • If your timer fails, you have to buy a new one
  • Our LCMS has a lifetime warranty and 24/7 free customer support
  • With timers you have no idea how long your lights have been on each day
  • With our LCMS and “echo” website you can download all of your runtimes
  • Your timers are wasting money and electricity every day
  • Our LCMS saves money and electricity every day (usually way more than the cost of the LCMS!)
  • Your timers are shortening the life of your bulbs and ballasts by running them too long every day
  • Our LCMS lengthens the life of your bulbs and ballasts by around 20% or more
  • Longer bulb and ballast life means less labor costs to replace them
  • With timers you have to constantly be worried about making sure they are not screwing up
  • Our LCMS is “Set It and Forget It” so you can focus on the other 5,349 things on your list

LCMS vs. Timers