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Saving the planet one parking lot at a time!
Our lighting controller replaces and eliminates timers and photocells.

Property Owners

Replace your timers and photocells with a Wireless Telematics Lighting Controller and you will:

Save Money – by using less electricity, bulbs, and ballasts.
Save Time and Hassles – reduce time spent resetting timers or replacing photocells.
Improve your image – by going green with cutting-edge energy efficient technology.


Property owners love the WT LCMS because it increases the bottom line, reduces hassles for your staff, and creates a good image for your property. This case study shows how the WT LCMS accomplished these goals and more.

How does the WT LCMS help the bottom line?

The WT LCMS is much more energy efficient than timers and photocells. With the rising cost of electricity that means that you can realize substantial savings in your energy bill with the WT LCMS. Other “energy-saving” technologies like solar panels require a huge financial commitment up front and a five to seven year (or more) return on investment. The WT LCMS has no huge financial commitments, no long-term contracts, and an ROI of less than one year in most cases (sometimes just a few months).

How can the WT LCMS save hassles for you and your staff?

You and your staff have much more important things to do than resetting timers every week or changing out inefficient or failed photocells. With the WT LCMS you set it once and forget it. It automatically changes the lighting times daily based on the sunrise/sunset times for your specific GPS location. It also automatically adjusts for daylight savings time and power outages. Your staff is no longer wasting time with lighting issues. An added benefit is that with the improved efficiency of the WT LCMS there will be less burned out bulbs and failed ballasts.

How does the WT LCMS enhance my image?

With the WT LCMS you are using cutting-edge green technology to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can let your tenants and customers know that you are helping save the planet.

You are also improving the reliability of your lighting which means you’ve reduced the risk of lights on during the day and no lights on at night (which can happen if you are relying on someone to change timers or replace photocells).

The money you save on electricity with the WT LCMS can be passed on to tenants to keep them happy and keep them as your tenants.

In California, AB 1103 requires non-residential property owners to disclose the energy efficiency score of their building. The WT LCMS will help you improve that score.