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Saving the planet one parking lot at a time!
Our lighting controller replaces and eliminates timers and photocells.

Property Managers

Replace your timers and photocells with a Wireless Telematics Lighting Controller and you will:

Save Time and Hassles – reduce time spent resetting timers or replacing photocells.
Save Money – by using less electricity, bulbs, and ballasts.
Make your tenants happy – by going “green” and having the lights turn on and off correctly.


Whether you are managing one property or an entire portfolio of properties, the Wireless Telematics Lighting Controller and Monitoring Service (LCMS) can help you save time, save money, and make the property owner, tenants, and customers happy. The WT LCMS replaces timers and photocells for outdoor lights (parking lot lights, building lights, landscape lights, and signage). For an example of how this worked for a local property manager please see this case study.

How does the WT LCMS save time?

Right now the parking lot lights, building lights, and signage lights at your property are probably controlled by timers or photocells. As a property manager you are responsible for making sure the lights go on and off at the right times. If you have a timer, that means you have to reset it for daylight savings time at least twice per year. In addition, you probably reset the schedule at least an additional two times per year just to make sure the lights are going on before it gets dark. That means driving to the property, finding the key to the equipment room, and manually setting the timer. If you have more than one timer that takes even more time.

If you have a photocell then you may be monitoring the lights from time to time to make sure the photocell is not dirty, degraded, or failed. Eventually the photocell will have to be replaced (usually every 3-5 years) which requires scheduling an electrician, meeting the electrician at the property to give access to the photocell and circuit breaker, and locking up after the work is done. You are spending time doing tasks that you do not need to do with the WT LCMS.

How does the WT LCMS save money?

The only day a timer is right is the day you set it. Because sunrise/sunset times change every day, your timer could be wrong by more than two minutes the next day, 15 minutes in a week, and an hour in just one month. That means your lights may be “on” for an hour while it is still light outside—that is wasting money on electricity and bulbs and ballasts. On a related note, if you rely on a maintenance person to reset the timers you are risking lights on during the day, or worse yet, no lights on in the dark.

Photocells get progressively worse as time goes on until they eventually fail, all the while wasting energy and money. The LCMS eliminates that problem by automatically turning lights on and off at the right time every day.

How does the WT LCMS make property owners, tenants and customers happy?

The WT LCMS makes everyone happy because:

  • The owner/tenants are saving money and energy.
  • The customers are happy because the lights are no longer on during the day. They are also happy that the lights are on when it is dark.
  • The owner/tenants are using “green” technology and reducing their carbon footprint which makes them look good to the public.
  • The owners/tenants are reducing their liability risk – instead of relying on a maintenance person to reset the timers as it gets darker earlier, the WT LCMS automatically adjusts to earlier sunsets.
  • Owners will be happy with the energy efficiency improvements that they must disclose in California under AB 1103.

For more information, please download the LCMS brochure.