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Our lighting controller replaces and eliminates timers and photocells.

Lighting Service Companies

Lighting Service Companies

Maintaining the exterior lighting at your customer’s business is an important part of your service. Constantly resetting timers or dealing with failing or dirty photocells has always been a time-consuming and tedious part of the maintenance routine, until now.

We have just developed (and patented) a cutting-edge replacement for timers and photocells that will save you time and hassles while saving your clients energy and money. This revolutionary new device is called the Wireless Telematics Lighting Controller and Monitoring Service (LCMS). The LCMS replaces timers and photocells and is easy to install. Here are the features that will help you and your clients save money, energy, and time:

  • The LCMS calculates the sunrise and sunset schedule for its exact location.
  • The LCMS automatically adjusts its schedule daily so the lights turn on and off at precisely the correct times.
  • The LCMS automatically adjusts for daylight savings changes.
  • There is no huge upfront cost (unlike solar panels or complete lighting retrofits, the LCMS does not require a huge investment to get started). The client does not have to buy the equipment.
  • There are no hassles taking care of complex equipment that nobody knows how to operate.
  • The LCMS has a lifetime warranty. If there is a problem, we fix it immediately for free. If you ever need help changing the schedule or any aspect of the LCMS we are on call 24/7 to help you or your client for free.
  • You or your clients (or both) can set the lighting schedule and monitor the lighting runtimes over the internet.
  • With the LCMS, your client’s outdoor lighting will turn on and off consistently, reliably, and accurately.
  • The LCMS is “Green Technology” that may qualify your client’s business for LEED points.
  • The liability risk will be reduced because the LCMS automatically adjusts to changing sunrises, sunsets, and daylight savings time (unlike timers). You reduce the risk of stranding your clients in the dark because the sun is setting earlier or the time has
  • Power out notification – If the power goes out at the location, you and/or your client will be notified via text and/or email. When power is restored, you will be notified of that, too.
  • Your clients are impressed and happy with you for saving them money and making sure the lights go on and off at the right times every day. You are happy because you have saved yourself time and money while improving your customer’s lighting control. It’s a win-win!