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Saving the planet one parking lot at a time!
Our lighting controller replaces and eliminates timers and photocells.


Benefits of Wireless Telematics Lighting Controllers and Monitoring Service:

Save Money

  • Lower Energy Bills
    • Save up to 75% on energy bills (most clients save 20% to 30%)
    • Self-funding
    • In most cases, substantial money savings and energy efficiencies are possible
    • Precise and accurate control
  • Labor Costs
    • Nobody has to waste time and money resetting timers because of:
      • sunrise/sunset changing daily
      • daylight savings time changes
      • power outages
    • No need to change batteries (we use super capacitors which are better than batteries)
    • Nobody has to waste time and money changing/cleaning faulty photocells
      • average life of photocell is 3 years
      • photocells accuracy degrade over time
      • photocells are fooled by cloudy days (especially when dirty)
  • Lower repair/replacement costs
    • Less time with lights “on” during daylight means less bulb and ballast replacements required

Convenient and Reliable

  • Our controller is SIMPLE and EASY to use
  • Schedule can be set or changed from your office or any internet capable device
  • We can do your schedule change for you for free!
  • Set and forget (one less thing to think about)

Outstanding Customer Service

  • Wireless Telematics is ready to help with any issues you have including:
    • schedule changes
    • website navigation
    • creating runtime reports and downloading data

Green Technology

  • Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint
  • Enhanced Reputation with Customers
  • Enhanced Reputation in Community
  • Potential LEED points

Power Outage Notification

  • If power goes out you (and others as needed) are notified via email and text immediately
  • No need to reset WT Controller, it retains correct time and program

Auditable, Historical Documentation

  • Your account keeps documentation of run times
  • Useful for liability or risk management purposes

Lights Are ALWAYS Set Correctly

  • Your customers are happy
  • You are happy
  • Good image for your business
  • Much more reliable than timers and photocells

Easy to program

Lifetime Warranty

Made in the USA

US PATENTS #7847706, #8421588, #9418543 AND #10049565