Saving the planet one parking lot at a time!
Our lighting controller replaces and eliminates timers and photocells.


“I met Greg at his booth at the ICSC Western Conference event in San Diego in 2014. He showed me the Wireless Telematics Lighting Controller and told me how it would save us time and money. I decided to give it a try at one of our properties in Del Mar, CA. It has been great! In fact, we have been so pleased with it that we have installed ten controllers at our properties around San Diego and are looking for more places to install them.

mike-paeske-cfi-photoThere are a lot of great benefits to using their controllers. The main thing I like is the dependability of the lights turning on and off at the right times. At our smaller properties it adds to the curb appeal and for our larger properties there is a great cost savings. I also like the convenience of not having to send a maintenance person to change the timers. In addition, their customer support is excellent. Greg and Bill at Wireless Telematics are fantastic. They are extremely responsive and friendly and are always available when we need them. I am really glad we replaced our old timeclocks with Wireless Telematics Lighting Controllers!”

Mike Paeske CCIM, CPM
Executive Vice President/Principal
CFI, Commercial Facilities Incorporated
San Diego, CA

“After extensive research for an alternative lighting control solution to replace our timers and photocells – the Wireless Telematics Lighting Controller was the best solution for our lighting control needs. With their Lighting Controller I know our lights are ON and OFF precisely when they need to be. The Wireless Telematics Lighting Controller also significantly saves on our energy and maintenance costs. It is easy to manage using the Echo website. I like the 24/7 automatic power outage notices sent to my e-mail and mobile phone when there is a power failure in our office buildings. The Wireless Telematics solution has met and exceeded all of our expectations…”

Heidi Peyton RPA
Property Manager
Colliers International

“The system is inexpensive and saves the City energy and money. We no longer have to send an employee over to the park to turn lights on and off. The system advances the energy efficiency program of the city and furthers cost savings.”

Angie Avery
Recreation & Community
City of Los Alamitos
Los Alamitos, California

“Thank you Wireless Telematics! As a Property Manager and owner, one Wireless Telematics Lighting Controller schedules my exterior lights and circulating pump on my 100 gal. central hot water heater at my apartment building. Energy savings (gas and electric) alone exceed 25% but the real benefit is in my time and the convenience of not having to set and re-set timers throughout the year.”

Art DeBolt
Property Management
Secured Realty & Investments
Los Alamitos, California

“As an active property manager, I am always looking for potential expense savings for my owners. The Wireless Telematics Lighting Control Service saves energy and money by making sure that our parking lot lights are on precisely when – and only when – they need to be. I no longer have to reset timers due to power outages or because of changes in daylight hours, nor replace malfunctioning photocells. As an added bonus, the Service automatically sends me an alert when one of our properties suffers a power outage.

The guys at Wireless Telematics are great! They set up a sunrise-sunset schedule on our new WT Lighting Controllers and made sure everything was just right. If I ever have a question or need help with the website or a schedule change they answer their phones right away and are eager to help. What great customer service!”

Elaine Chetister
Property Supervisor
Summit Management
Encinitas, CA

“We were skeptical at first about installing Wireless Telematics Lighting Controllers. We thought our timers and photocells were doing an adequate job. However, after installing two WT Lighting Controllers on a trial basis at one of our properties we were extremely happy to see the huge savings. We had several months where the energy savings was over 40%! We immediately ordered more lighting controllers for all of our other buildings. They paid for themselves in less than six months!”

Andrew Laubach
Summit Management
Encinitas, CA

“One of the biggest headaches I have as a property manager is resetting timers. With Wireless Telematics Lighting Controllers I never have to deal with that again. The guys at Wireless Telematics set up the controllers on a sunrise-sunset schedule and now I can cross off resetting timers forever. Plus, their customer service is extraordinary. Thank you Wireless Telematics.”

Courtney Baker
Maintenance Supervisor
Summit Management
Encinitas, CA

“Hi I’m Greg. I’m not only the President of Wireless Telematics, I’m a customer, too!  I have controllers for my yard and my chicken coop. One of the best things I have ever done for my yard is to install a Wireless Telematics Lighting Controller to control my landscape lights. For many years those darn lights were the bane of my existence. I would come home from work and it always seemed like they were either “on” when it was still light outside or “off” when it was dark. I would tell myself I have to remember to reset the stupid timer. But I would go into my home, change out of my suit and tie, help the kids with homework, eat dinner and forget to reset the timer. This scenario would repeat itself over and over and over. It was very frustrating. After I installed a WT controller it was like a weight had lifted off my shoulders. That nagging feeling disappeared and the lights are always perfect now. 

The other cool thing I did was to install a controller on my chicken coop. Chickens like constant light every day. In the fall and winter when the days are growing shorter, chickens slow down or stop laying eggs. If you can keep the light constant when sunrise and sunset times are fluctuating, your chickens will be happier and their egg production stays constant.  My chickens are now happy and I have a great supply of fresh eggs!  I am a true believer in the WT Lighting Controller because I know firsthand that it is simple and it works!!!

While home landscape lights and chicken coops are not really our target markets, I do have personal experience with our Lighting Control and Monitoring Service in parking lots around San Diego. In fact, when I was deciding whether to invest in WT and make a career change I wanted to know exactly what the controller could do. In Sept of 2010, I approached some folks I knew who had a commercial property and convinced them to let me put a controller on their property. I wanted to see if this lighting controller really did what the inventor claimed. In theory, it sounded pretty good but I was skeptical knowing that a lot of people make claims that they can’t back up or that sometimes a new energy efficiency system is so complicated that it is difficult if not impossible to manage effectively and inexpensively.  Well, we put the controller on the property’s parking lot lights and watched the results.  After a couple months I saw how accurate, simple and awesome the WT controller was and decided to take the plunge and buy a controlling interest in Wireless Telematics.  After the controller had been in for a full year we compared the SDGE electricity bills from the year before the installation and the year after the installation. I knew the controller was great, but I didn’t know just how great it was.  The comparison of electric bills showed that our controller saved the property manager $1111 in electricity in one year!  You can see the actual case study here. I am continually impressed with what our simple LCMS can do and at least once a month I hear a story from a property manager who has had incredible savings like I saw in my first installation.  I’m starting to think we should rename the LCMS (Lighting Control and Monitoring Service) and call it the MPM (Money Printing Machine)!

Having talked to a ton of property managers over the years I know that they are super busy people who have been burned by lofty promises of huge savings and reliability.  Instead of getting something that makes their lives easier, they get a lighting control system that is too complicated, too unreliable, expensive to fix and it ends up being a royal pain in the neck.  In the end, they just want something that actually works and doesn’t require a PhD in electrical engineering to program.  Our LCMS is the answer.   I promise that you will be thrilled with how simple, reliable, and awesome our controller is.  You can take that nagging weight off your shoulders and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your lights are going to turn “on” and “off” at the right times everyday so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Greg Kimmel
Home Owner & Egg Farmer

(also President of Wireless Telematics)
San Diego, CA