Saving the planet one parking lot at a time!
Our lighting controller replaces and eliminates timers and photocells.

Shine Bright With Wireless Telematics
Light is truly one of the most useful inventions of mankind. No matter how small a light bulb is, it is illuminating homes, stores, streets, bridges, football fields, offices, and hospitals, to name only a few. It keeps homes, businesses, and buildings safe. Without lights, the world will be dark and probably back to the olden days of gas lamps and candles. Today newer types of technology are developed for better control and efficiency of lighting systems.

Saves Time, Money and Effort
To save money, time and effort, cutting-edge lighting controllers are being used these days. This adds ease in turning on, and off of your lighting without being physically present. Some people use timers and photocells, however, they are not that accurate and can lose sensitivity over time.

With a lighting controller, turning on lights at night time and off at daytime is less of a hassle. If you are a busy type of person who is always on the go, sometimes you will forget the lights on. If you want that burden lifted, our company can help. We can give you lighting solutions so that you can focus on running your business, and other important things.

Here at Wireless Telematics, you will be able to control your outdoor lights accurately because we have sunrise and sunset adjustments, which is done daily depending on your location. The controls can be access from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. We also use earth-friendly technology that helps the world become a better place.

We understand how important your money, effort and time is. At Wireless Telematics, we will help you achieve your goals. Whether it is to save energy or for convenience, we provide the best product there is when it comes to lighting control. Contact us now and learn more.