Saving the planet one parking lot at a time!
Our lighting controller replaces and eliminates timers and photocells.

Keep the Lights On
Being a property owner, business owner or even head of a university has tons of responsibilities that go with them. Money is usually spread thin within the budget and important decisions have to be made on where to spend them. One expense many overlook is how much lighting can be. This could range from lighting a parking lot to lighting a football field and everything in between.

ighting is probably one of the most important matters to think about. Just think if you were walking around a university at night with no lighting. Not only would that be scary but also it endangers students that attend there. Or drive by a gas station and there were no lights. These are just a couple of examples of how important lighting is.

Most lighting systems use timers and photocells. This older way of controlling is frustrating to many because you have to constantly reset the timers, change batteries, or deal with photocells. This means someone has to physically go out and do this maintenance. In return, more money is spent on labor costs.

Wireless Telematics has come up with a new-age technology for all your lighting needs. They have designed a control system that allows clients to operate from wireless networks. Their controlling and monitoring services help lower labor cost by cutting out the physical need to go and reset timers. It also lowers energy bills and gives the operator precise control. The advanced technology also keeps up with the changing sunset/sunrise times and even daylight savings. With this easy to use control system, you can literally set it and then forget it. You don’t even have to worry if the power goes out. It automatically sends you a notification. Another plus is everything is developed and manufactured right here in the U.S.

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